Start Alliance Management is back!

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Start Alliance Management is back! Empty Start Alliance Management is back!

Post by omega95 on Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:50 pm

After 2 months of silence, the virtual star alliance management has finally responded to one of my daily calls! Mike was always here but due to him moving to France, he was busy to take classes so far, but he'll resume as soon as he gets everything up and running again.

And I've also been able to contact the CEO (Dwayne Gable) and vice CEO (Aaron Essary) through skype recently. Dwayne also made as appearance in yesterday's TransGear event as Approach controller at Chicago. He said he'll get back in business as soon as possible. Aaron is still pretty busy but he'll be able to mostly get back too. Very Happy

Btw, after BRT's split up and CNA being out, VSA is left with just merlion and Tristar as far as I know.

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