Please confirm your routes today!

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Please confirm your routes today! Empty Please confirm your routes today!

Post by omega95 on Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:04 am

@Aerosuperb Directors,

Below are the registrations of the aircraft you have for your fleet. There are 33 planes, so I think you should use 25 of them within Australia and the other 5 for other Oceanic countries including New Zealand. As you have enough planes to fly more than a hub-city method, you can use 3 focus cities in Australia and let Auckland be the fourth one. Brisbane is still the central hub.
Bombardier CRJ700LR : SQ-AFR, AFS, AFT, AFU, AFV, AFW, AFX
Embraer ERJ170-100LR : SQ-CAS, CAT, CAU, CAV, CAW, CAX, CAY, CAZ
Embraer ERJ190-100LR : SQ-CCA, CCB, CCC, CCD, CCE, CCF, CCG, CCH

I suggest you keep 8 ERJ190s, 4 ERJ170s, 4 CRJ700s and 5 CRJ200s at Brisbane, 3 CRJ700s and 2 CRJ200s at maybe Melbourne, 2 ERJ170s and 1 CRJ200 at maybe Adelaide, and finally 2 CRJ200s and 2 ERJ170s at Auckland, but ofcourse it's your decision.

I'd like a list in the following format today or tomorrow,
using Qxxx as your flight numbers as most of the others are taken and it's confusing to put stuff in between anywhere, so start from Q001 and go on till you cover all the routes. In the schedules, ALL OF YOUR AIRCRAFT MUST BE AIRBORNE for ATLEAST 60% of the day. Therefore, some routes like YBBN - NZAA or YBBN - YMML or YBBN - YSSY can see over 5 flights a day, maybe 3 with a certain aircraft and 2 with another.

Thank you Smile

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Please confirm your routes today! Empty Re: Please confirm your routes today!

Post by connect on Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:55 pm

Aircraft NAMES:

CRJ200LR SQ-CAQ- City of Newcastle
CRJ200LR SQ-CBQ- City of Melbourne
CRJ200LR SQ-CCQ- City of Darwin
CRJ200LR SQ-CDQ- City of Perth
CRJ200LR SQ-CEQ- City of Alice Springs
CRJ200LR SQ-CFQ- City of Townsville
CRJ200LR SQ-CGQ- City of Wollongong
CRJ200LR SQ-CHQ- City of Adelaide
CRJ200LR SQ-CIQ- City of Rockhampton
CRJ200LR SQ-CJQ- City of Mackay

CRJ700LR SQ-AFR- City of Lake Macquarie
CRJ700LR SQ-AFS- City of Port Lincoln
CRJ700LR SQ-AFT- City of Port Stephens
CRJ700LR SQ-AFU- City of Coffs Harbour
CRJ700LR SQ-AFV- City of Port Macquarie
CRJ700LR SQ-AFW- City of Moreton Bay
CRJ700LR SQ-AFX- City of Cobber Pedy

Please confirm your routes today! MIA0004

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