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Stock Market and Private Careers! Empty Stock Market and Private Careers!

Post by omega95 on Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:24 pm

Just today, merlion has started started a new stock market scheme. There are 4 companies (4 subsidiaries of merlion) and pilots can buy shares from them. They can buy from what they have in their total pilot pay. The prices are from merlion's financial report. These prices are affected by aircraft purchases, catering expenses, fuel costs,and ofcourse the revenue from flights. We're starting with 100,000 availalbe shares for each subsidiary and the shares are 1/100000th the values of the subsidiaries' total earning. Eg. till today, after deducting all expenses, fuel and purchase of our aircraft, merlion has earned a total of v$591,348,643 dollars and out of that, merlion Intl. Airlines (the subsidiary hubbed at Singapore) has earned v$398,124,010. This means the value of each share is v$3,981.2401. The application is based on simple connections in google docs, tables and form and the prices will be updated daily. The amount pilots pay for purchasing these stocks go directly to merlion's net earning which is what these prices are calculated from. So, if people buy stocks, the price automatically increases! You can also get daily/weekly reports of predictions and expenses in our forum so pilots can plan our what they want to do with their shares. And our forum will have information of the stock prices daily.
Here're some screenshots of the page in our website where you can manage your shares.
Stock Market and Private Careers! Selection_004
Stock Market and Private Careers! Selection_005
Stock Market and Private Careers! Selection_006

NOTE - This feature has JUST started the time I made this post so so till now, there were no customers or any transactions.
Stock Market and Private Careers! Selection_007

Later, when pilots earn a lot from these means, we're starting a private aviation career scheme where merlion will host your private general aviation career. You can buy one (or more ) of selected general aviation aircraft and merlion will pay 50% of the cost for that aircraft if you give 40% of your earnings from the career to merlion. You can fly your plane wherever you want and file PGAC (private general aviation career) pireps and earn MUCH MORE than now!

So everyone, start flying and earnings so you can do all this! Very Happy

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