Awesome new website additions!

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Awesome new website additions! Empty Awesome new website additions!

Post by omega95 on Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:06 am

Just went through the simpilots' website and found out some nice modules there... Ofcourse, I modified them a lot to make it 'different' for merlion... So here're the new cool features (some from and some not from simpilots)

Boarding Pass Generator with background now available
Awesome new website additions! Selection_002
To generate you boarding pass, bid on a flight that you're going to fly (you have over 850 schedules to choose from!), go to "View Flight Bids" in your DASHBOARD and click on "Boarding Pass". Very Happy

Flight Time Table for both Pilots and Guests
Awesome new website additions! Selection_003
If you've not logged in, click on 'TIMETABLE' on the navigation bar and if you have, you have this option in your dashboard. It lists all the flights merlion flies and can be used in-case the tables are being optimized and the schedules are unavailalbe by searching.

Skype Connect and Pilot Chatroom
Awesome new website additions! Selection_004
In your DASHBOARD, scroll down to see an integrated php chatroll. You don't need to log in separately as it' uses SSO to sign in with you pilot IDs in the website.
On the left, we also have skype status buttons that connect you to our support center, ATC director and Chief Flight Instructor. Very Happy

Pilot Applications Menu
Awesome new website additions! Selection_005
Now just go to your dashboard to see a menu called 'pilot applications' from where you can select all our new cool stuff!
Atleast kudos for the robot I made. Laughing

PilotMAIL application for NOTAMs and PMs
Awesome new website additions! Selection_006
With this new feature, you can message all the other pilots individually or to all (yes, the NOTAM feature is available to all pilots!)

@ Merlion's Awesome Pilots : Now you know what you can do. :mrgreen:
@ Other Nice Guys : Lol, not wrong saying this is it?
@ Other VA admins : You probably already know where to get / how to make these things but if you need help, PM me.
@ Trollers : If you don't care, get out. Razz

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